Preparing for the best…

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Preparing for the best…

There really ain’t no harm in preparing for the best…  Yes I know that the worst can happen, it is possible, but its not always probable, its potential but not necessarily consequential!

I am ‘happy the eternal optimist’, but I am also a realist. I am not taken to wishful dreaming but I do like to believe the best. The last thing I do in most situations is believe that the worst case scenario is likely to happen and even though it could happen I live my life happy and peaceful most of the time because the worst case scenario rarely eventuates and I don’t expect it to. It really is a more pleasant way to live, I am sure the benefits in every way outweigh the negatives.

When I listen to conversations that always head down the road of ‘worst case’ scenario I feel frustrated. I don’t see or understand why we need to give more time at all than necessary to ‘the worst’ things in life. Just knowing that possibly the best won’t happen is all I consider. And even if the best doesn’t happen, then it still doesn’t mean that the worst will!

Why is it that people like to talk about the worst things happening, the negative options? I think it’s because some people revel in it. Its far more juicy than just believing for good, looking for good and hoping for good.

I love that positivity is my outlook, it sure hasn’t hurt me at all… even when the worst has happened. And even when the worst things have happened in my life I know that they will pass. I have been through many seasons where it seemed that the ‘worst’ had happened and that it would never end, but eventually it did and it has been the tendency toward hopefulness that has pulled me out of a pit.

If you struggle to prepare for and expect the best, now really is the best time for you to consider a BIG change in the RIGHT direction.

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. I’m like you I don’t like being around negative people and I never had. I remember while growing up people talked about because I was always positive. ..smh Great point you made here. Thanks.

  2. God tells us Cam to focus on what is Good and He is Good, so regardless of our circumstances or the Storms we have in life, we are to keep Him in our heart and thoughts, believing and Trusting that He will work everything out for good in our lives because we Love and seek His will.

    We can see confirmed in the Scriptures Cam, that Jesus did not wear Blinkers, He confronted evil and injustice, He stood up for what was right and He talked about what was wrong, rebuking and correcting error and we are to do the same, being Happy Clappy all the time is not reality but having deep inner Joy is, even when we grieve for the evil we see around us. Jesus was known as a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, not a Happy go Lucky, full of laughter and gaiety man, although yes Hollywood may portray Him as such.

    We are in the end times and turning a blind eye to all that is evil will not change it but will cause it to be more accepted. Standing up for God’s Truth may not save everyone but it will save those who God knows as His own, His word do not return empty without achieving their purpose, yes His Truth is powerful to change lives but only for those who have open hearts and who are willing to listen and respond to His inspired word’s in Scripture, shared by those who Love Him and others enough not to count the cost of being rejected, ignored, hated and even martyred as more important than sharing the only Hope that we have and warning against the evil that seeks to take it away.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

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