Precious Life….


~Precious Life~

The preciousness of life is evidenced in the perfection of a babe….

Simple innocent trust, reliance and dependence… And all the while, even unaware that they need you and that their very life depends on you…

Our very life is also dependent on our Father… Giver of breath and life, provision, nurturer…

Often when we grow up, just like a child, we take these roles back, we can ‘do it our self’ and become our own source. We do this only to discover that we are actually not able to fully meet these needs, and often we start to see that we make a mess of things when we take over without direction of the father.

Hopefully that’s the time that we find our way back to the Father and realise the preciousness of His love, provision, direction, peace and hope. I am more than happy to place my trust in Him. I KNOW that He knows best and He loves me more than life itself… He gave a life for my life, the life of His only Son. Life is precious!

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~


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