Positioning Ourselves



I know this seems very obvious but here goes anyway….

A lot of my friends, probably even you reading this have a lot of difficult stuff going on in your life right now.

It makes me sad and I wish I could fix all your problems but I can’t and so I encourage you, pray for you, stand with you.

Some things are really bad health problems, losses, fear, very ill family… Or even the culmination of a continuos domino effect of things that have gone wrong one after the other.

I was reminded while talking to two of these special friends that we have A LOT to be thankful for… They had a lot to be thankful for 🙂

It CAN change the perspective if you can get a true revelation of this… Even if this, or this, or that happens… We are blessed to have that… And we will survive.

If we can shift focus from on the immediate stress of the issue and see beyond it can alleviate the pressure and anxiety that comes.

If we can accept that if this is the worst that happens then we will do it, deal with it, make our way through it and we will be okay and then keep moving on.

If we can shift to a position of realizing this despite the difficulty going on we can find ourselves in a mindset of strength… And say WE WILL BE ALRIGHT!!

~Cam Richmond~

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