Over Thinking again…

I was just thinking! Funny thought LOL! I was thinking how over thinking stops us in our tracks from doing so many things.

So I want to blog again… I revived my page and then started again, knowing that my blogging was going to be like a daily life update, whatever is happening on the minute. I’m not going to plan it out, just write what comes…. and then my brain went into over drive and I started OVERTHINKING about it and I heard myself immediately telling myself ‘Mmm maybe write that, no hang on, not about that? This will be boring’ etc I decided to do this post about over thinking right at that point.

Do you realise how much damage over thinking does in your life? You may be completely unawares you even do it since it can go on so quietly in our sub conscious mind, but often we prematurely put the brakes on things or even speed them up because of what our mind is going.

There is thinking and then there is over thinking! We need to think; but when we dwell over and over on things it can stir up a hornets nest of all kinds of trouble.

I can remember times where I got myself in such an emotional mess after allowing thoughts of what someone might be thinking, why they did what they did, etc. After awhile it all seems to make sense and add up when in fact we have created a scenario all by ourself. If we listen to the scenarios for long enough and then allow them to play out in our life, if we were to accuse, to reject, to offend or to convey these thoughts to others we spread  a problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

So its worth thinking about it… but don’t think about it for too long!



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  1. Wow! Yea , I’m an overthinker . In counseling I found that people who’s brains never shut off are great inventers . We think things through and perfect them . We are achievers of great things and that is with the help of God , only .
    Sometimes , we have to kinda sit back and not think and JUST BE . I’m learning . This was a great post . Thanks 🙂

    • Hey fellow over thinker =) Are you a counselor? I can imagine that being correct =) I think over thinkers are also creative, at least I am. I love to write, paint, photograph… The words come out in all those different art forms.
      Ha ha yes, with God’s help. He helps me to not overthink as much and so does my wonderful friend. She says ‘Cam!!! You’re over thinking!’ We call it OTS (Over Thinking Syndrome) LOL
      I like what you do… sit back and JUST BE. And I have found with God if I leave it to Him what will be will be! Thanks so much for commenting! You are my first commenter in a long since I started blogging again. If you are interested you can find my FB pages as listed above!
      Many thanks

  2. AN OVERTHINKER? Well I think i’m one in recovery. Yes, I too was an Addictions and Mental Health Counselor and basically have taken care of my own emotional needs since a kid. Nah, I wouldn’t say out of neglect; just b/c of me being sooo different, outside the box and being literally forced to Not Trust my innate gut instincts that were so honed at such a young age. So, think, analyze, critique, every written word, unspoken word, body language, look, you name it.
    Now, out of the field (disabled 🙁 and 🙂 doing ME, still thinking but in a different way. Very odd. Cannot really explain. Because it’s about me…and others but more in a healthy way. This is going to get too long. So I’m going to stop.
    Thanks, Cam. Love, love your page.

    • Hee hee you are in my club too then! Wow sounds like you have a very interesting life story Sandi =) You are a clever lady then arent you =) I am sure you must have learnt a lot while you were in the field and I think so many people have need some help with mental health. Sounds like you have learnt a new way to think! Shame you stopped your story.
      Thanks Sandi. You dont know how much that means to me. Its like striking oil!
      Love and blessings!

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