Its out of my hands and in His!


 Its out of my hands and in His!

God knows us better than we know ourselves. I am learning to defer to His choices in my life, especially when I look back and see how many times trusting him made all the difference and the outcomes were so much better than I could have imagined.

Sometime ago I had an opportunity to have a say in a situation that would greatly affect my day to day life. It was very tempting to try and have my say and shift things around so that I might get what I thought that I wanted. I will admit that I did consider it, and I talked it over with my husband but at that same time I became completely aware that perhaps in this instance it might be better to leave this situation in Gods control. If it was meant to be that I ended up with the what I thought I wanted then it was meant to be.

In reality its always best to give it to God. It would be so much better if we gave it to God rather than ‘left it’ to him; leaving it to him can sound as if he gets the say if what we try doesn’t work out!

So basically I gave it to Him, I decided not to interfere and go with what I thought I wanted, the decision was taken out of my hands and left with another person, but really I knew that God would be the one directing my paths.

Looking back now I can’t be any more thankful than I am. I am so glad that I left it that way – by giving it to God, I kept my input out of it and didn’t manipulate the situation towards what I thought would benefit me.

This is not only about our options and what we choose, its also about trust. By giving it to God I was saying that I knew He knew what I needed more than I did. So often we get the chance to ‘take it out of his hands’ and ‘get our hands on it’.

I saw how God does know best and I am very very happy with the decision that was made for me. I always say ‘in hindsight, foresight would be so good’. By leaving this decision to God, I let the one who had foresight give me the hindsight!

Lord remind us to give everything to you!

~Cam Richmond~


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  1. Very good ! Mercy how wonderful if we’d all learn to just give it over to Him ! That is one of my problems ! But I thank God for His mercy and patience . Have a lovely evening

    • Yes Pat! A very valuable lesson and every time this something happens in this situation I am again thankful! Wholeheartedly! You are in good company then my friend!
      God bless

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