I have a strong sense at the moment that I am chasing myself around in circles. I am on holidays and I had planned on working  on streamlining things in my life but at the moment because I have been researching lots of different things that I havent had time to do before; I have actually created more OPTIONS for myself!

In seeking to minimize I wonder how it is that the time I would need to do all these things got multiplied so easily? I mean after all there are only so many hours in the day and even then there are things we must do as a priority and also there are clearly limits to our physical bodies which exist in time and space!

I think options are a great thing, I always want options. Ask my friends and family. Whenever its possible to have an option rather than one choice I will always look for it and then mull over it… Options means you have choice, you can work out what is best for you but sometimes when you have too many options it means  you could end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure things out.

So as you may know I had been away on holidays for a week in the country. Of course I over packed because I liked to have plenty of options. I took my own Doona so that I could even have the option of my bedding and more warmth. I took a whole bag full of books with me ‘just in case’, and my beautiful friend joked with me… ‘one book is enough!’.  Of course the God‘s honest truth is that I just couldn’t fit in all my options, I barely read any book and perhaps even less than normal! I took all my painting gear so that I might get some time to put paint to canvas but when it got down to it I wouldn’t have time to do that properly either.

I wonder if I will learn a lesson eventually and hone what it is that I want to do? What is the most valuable and work on that and do some quality time on it rather than flitting from one thing to another like a honey bee that has too many flowers to choose from!

You have to work out if you are helping or hindering yourself! Are your options enhancing your life or are they spreading you way to thin so make any time or any option count for the most good!

Maybe its time to chop the list down an ‘option’ or two! =)



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  1. Cam, I sooo needed to read this right now. I have so many things I want to write about that I haven’t been writing anything other than the three mandatory posts for the Daily Sisterhood. I’ve been on vacation for a month! Now that I’m thinking about it, you should have posted this a month ago lol. Great words as usual 🙂 <3

  2. thanks for that Laura. Looking forward to checking it out =) Love connecting with you <3

  3. OMG options. I can totally relate to bringing all of the books. I did the same thing and barely opened one book. Now i know (wisdom baby) one book would have been more than enough 🙂 The option should have been: if i don’t read i can do….this instead 🙂

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