~Once and For All~

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~Once and For All~

Have you got some unresolved areas in your life? Things which still have their hooks in you even though whatever happened, happened long ago.

Sometimes, once things are further back and out of our sight we may think that it’s all done and dusted but quite often the issue is merely hiding in the background, hoping to remain undiscovered and then some circumstance will arrive and pull back the covers and then the presence of this issue is brought into the light and you can see its been doing just fine.. Quietly waiting its call to come to the fore again.

The best thing you can do at this point is bring it out into the light, see it for what it is, acknowledge what happened, make peace with yourself and whoever else you need to and let the resolution come….

When the new season comes you want a clean slate and to feel there is nothing hidden waiting to jump out and surprise you!

Skeletons in closets, although they have no body, their bones can be evidence enough to keep an issue alive… And keep an issue alive enough to cause havoc from one generation to the next!

I pray ‘for once and for alls’ for everyone in my life. I pray for courage and resilience and fortitude to work through issues that although may have begun even 60 years ago can continue today to affect one generation and the next. Fear plays a such a huge part… Pride also plays its own role. But courage is the only thing that will bring a ‘once and for all’ out to meet its match and then only by the grace of God.

If you need a ‘once and for all’ I pray for you the courage and the grace of God to allow it to come, to move forward and work the things through that although they appear to be long gone are still most definitely at play.

There is no time like the present, time is of the essence, when you get the gentle nudge then don’t prolong it, when you feel a stirring perhaps that moment is the time. God can and will be your tower of strength if you are ready for your ‘once and for all’.

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~


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