Oh my goodness ‘JAMIE OLIVER’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh… Jamie Oliver!!!! Of course I think Jamie Oliver is wonderful. I am not a devout follower as some are but I can appreciate his brilliance, his generosity, his care for people in so many ways, his charity work and his welfare work! All making such a big difference all around the world!

I admit I was just as excited this morning when I was watching last weeks episode of Masterchef Australia that I missed while I was away on holidays. I mean out of all the guest chefs that have appeared on the show from around the world, I have never seen the contestants respond like that before. It was an emotional experience for sure when they started to realise that it was probably going to be him. I was even feeling emotional with them!!! And of course it was him and the episode was fabulous!

Jamie Oliver is a hero in his field and he has extended the boundaries of his field of expertise to incorporate avenues into communities and countries to change things for the better, to inspire good health, to be a part of welfare and helping people become more than what they were being. He is an inspiration for so many reasons and I love the possibilities that people like him have to make a mark and positive change on so many people’s lives.

I was just thinking about all the quiet heroes and inspirations in our lives the people who have inspired us. Do you have people like this in your life? How have they inspired you? How do they continue to inspire you? Another big question is are you a quiet hero?

We can all be quiet heroes in different ways! It really doesn’t take that much to do heroic things! Helping someone out, go that extra mile, be a little more generous than normal. make a cake for a neighbour, better still visit a lonely family member. I believe these are all heroic acts. They are the little things that we can do that can make the biggest differences!

And then if we are able to do something, in a small way or even in a big way that we may already be doing, I have to ask are there ways to extend the boundaries of your field of expertise to help others in our communities more?

It certainly something to think about… How can I help others? How can I help others more, in new ways? Lets make the most of who we are and who we are meant to be!



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  1. I am reminded of a particular time when i went the extra mile. 15 or so years ago i helped a lost woman who came into my employers office. I greeted her and she needed directions for a job interview. I took out the phone book, and called to confirm how to get there from our office. I gave the instructions to this woman. She thanked me kindly for taking the extra time. The next day she came back to the office with a cutting from one of her plants. She put the cutting in soil and potted in in a planter. She gave it to me with a large smile on her face. How awesome is that? Oh the little things. I still remember it very well I wish I wouldn’t have killed off the plant 🙂 Twill always cherish the memory and want to remember to do things for people that do the extra little things. :))) Smiles.

    • Aww that is soooo nice! I love those little things that happen =) I went to Safeway, our local chain grocery store a few weeks ago, I had changed handbags and I KNEW that I didnt have my ‘trolley $1’. (You have to put a $1 coin to release the trolley to use it and then when you put the trolley away the $1 is released ) So I KNEW I didnt have one but I was still just fiddling in my bag without being obvious and then right out of no where this lady came by put her trolley back and gave me her trolley and the $1!!!! I was so blessed as no one has ever done that for me before =)

      Really I knew it was God showing me that he was looking after me in all the little details of my life and that just made me beam and smile as this lady did this so like she didnt even think of it =)

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