No time like the Present…

God is beginning to deal with you in certain areas of your life then some things will start coming out into the light and it’s probably not going to be pleasant…. We know that the pain of staying where we are is much worse than the pain of going through.

When you are not prepared to work through these things it makes it hard to cope with today…. You can’t cope with today if you haven’t dealt with yesterday! The yesterday’s catch up on you.

If this is where you are at it may be very difficult right now but remember the people closest around you don’t necessarily know what is happening… And it can be hard but God can give the grace to make it through in the best way. When you are avoiding your yesterday’s then you are not able to cope with today in the best way possible. You just don’t have it in you.

The closer you get to God and his word that is when the light starts to shine more brightly, brighter and brighter so what God wants to work on in your life has only one way to go… Up and out! The good goes in and it forces the bad stuff out. The two cannot coexist!

It may mean that every now and again you have a little melt down, the spewy times that you have will happen but as time goes on they will lessen and the time frame between these points will be longer and longer,  maybe one day it won’t be an issue anymore!

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~Cam and Leanne~

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