New lands and borders…

Happy woman in meadow.

~New lands and borders~

It’s been hard but I’ve had to put some boundaries into my life where they had previously never been. It’s really hard to know a boundary when you’ve never lived it before…

When you put a new boundary in place, it really might feel wrong for a time, you may not know if you are doing the right thing…  If it’s a new boundary then its unknown and its uncharted territory… And… it might be a bit scary.

It’s like riding a wave and not knowing where it will take you. We have to trust God as He made the wind, the waves, the currents, the times, the seasons.

Sometimes I think “I sure hope I am hearing Him right..” It doesn’t happen too often, but in the middle of putting a ‘growth step’ in place maybe I need to pray about it again and ask God to confirm it to me. Every now and again we second guess our choices and we need some kind of confirmation to give us that peace of mind…

Reminder to self: Pray about this today…

When you are in a new land, and when you have new borders it will be unknown to some extent, but when you come to God and ask him you will know if you are in the right place and then you should just stay there even if it becomes uncomfortable at times.

When you’re learning something new there’s bound to be growing pains, that doesn’t mean the pain is wrong. It means your muscles are still growing to that point. No pain no gain.

Mmmm I think i am learning something new here!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~


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