I’m reading through the Psalms and I’m writing my own MyPsalms… They are a wonderful way to connect God and I in real conversation. I hope you are enjoying them. Maybe you will feel inspired to write your own Psalms!

My desire is to find this place of intimacy, this place of desire and knowing, this place of dependence on Him in all things. My days are so full that I just blow through them with working full-time and all the requirements of a family and then I wonder did I talk to God at all during the day?”

MyPsalms 85-87  are below and the links to the album that will contain all of them =)

I hope you enjoy them. To keep up with them each day please go and visit my Facebook page

The Answer I’ve Found  and see the Album ~My Psalms… Letters to God~

MyPsalm 85
MyPsalm 85

Day 85

Read Psalm 85 in your own bible or here: Psalm 85

Dear Lord,

On that cross you showed your love for me.

You went through pain…. to hell and back again.

You gave your all for me, and me so unworthy.

You gave what no one could give, a gift of life eternal.

You took my pain, my shame, you took my guilt and fear and loved me all the same.

You made me whole. You made me clean. When you died you set me free.

No greater gift was ever given.

And because of you I’m living.

In Jesus Name Amen

~Cam Richmond~

MyPsalm 86

Day 86

Read Psalm 86 in your own bible or here: Psalm 86

Dear Lord,

Draw me deeper into Your Love for me Lord. Draw me deeper into your presence and into your heart.

Draw me to the place that I will dwell with you and draw me so that I need you more than life itself.

You are here now and always, let me abide with you and stay.

Reveal yourself to me each moment, and day by day till I am so aware that you are there that I will only speak what I hear you speak.

Reveal yourself to me so that I may reveal you to all I know.

Lord forgive me and remove all my frail, weak humanity and build me in the traits of your character so that when looking at me You are all that people will see.

In Jesus Name Amen

~Cam Richmond~

MyPsalm 87


Day 87

Read Psalm 87 in your own bible or here: Psalm 87

Dear Lord

I am your daughter, I walk in the confidence that I have found in you. I find my identity in you and find out who you have truly made me to be as I walk in your ways, and follow your direction as you gently show me the way for me to go.

I am hidden in you and I am empowered by you into everything I have to face. I am beginning to see where I am positioned and I take up that mantle of your power and grace and strength that you cover me in.

Lord help me rise up in your power, empower me and give me the courage of lions. I take up my armour and I take up my sword which is the power of your word that accomplishes your will as I wield it.In Jesus Name Amen

Hope you enjoy the journey!

~Cam Richmond~


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