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MyPsalm 5


MyPsalm 5

Day 5
~MyPsalm 5~

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Dear Lord,

I so often exist in my own little bubble
I don’t know at what point I go there
Or at what time I return, but I know I’ve been.

The day begins, it flows through at various paces
and then it’s over and I don’t know where I was, it begins and ends and I know subconsciously I have spoken with you but I am living in each moment right there and so immersed in it that I have not consciously made you a partner with me in it.

I long to live my life in complete awareness of your presence. I long to live my life in constant communication with you.

May we meet every day more and more. Lord please bridge that gap, that distance and close it so we two are one in harmony, in the unity of spirit, in word and thought and deed.


~Cam Richmond~

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