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MyPsalm 6


MyPsalm 6

Day 6
~MyPsalm 6~
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Dear Lord,

You are time and you have all the time you need.
I never seem I have enough of it and I’m always trying to find more time, make more time, give more time, keep better time, slow down time, and I wish time away.

I’m thankful that my times are in your hands. All my days are written in your book and that you know the end from the beginning!

This week I surrender my time to you. Lead me and guide me according to your time and your plans.
Help me to give all my time to you to and to keep my peace, remembering that it’s you that gives me everything that I need and that time is not my source but You are.

Forgive me for so jealously guarding me time that I have even withheld my time from you when in reality I would have no time if not for you.

It’s hard Lord but help me give you MY time for it is Yours.


~Cam Richmond~

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