MyPsalms 34-36 ~ Letters to God

MYPSALMS   34-36

I’m reading through the Psalms and I’m writing my own MyPsalms… They are a wonderful way to connect God and I in real conversation. I hope you are enjoying them. Maybe you will feel inspired to write your own Psalms!

My desire is to find this place of intimacy, this place of desire and knowing, this place of dependence on Him in all things. My days are so full that I just blow through them with working full-time and all the requirements of a family and then I wonder did I talk to God at all during the day?”

MyPsalms 34-36 are below and the links to the album that will contain all of them =)

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The Answer I’ve Found and see the Album ~My Psalms… Letters to God~


MyPsalm 34

Day 34
Read Psalm 34 in your own bible or here: Psalm 34

Dear Lord,

As I see you face to face I learn to trust you more and more. When the landscape of my life is changing I am learning to trust you for my footing. I have a deep sense of assurance that you are leading me and so I can release my grip and go where you take me.

I no longer feel the need to fight my own battles, play my cards, or make my moves. In the process, and at times, a worrying thought goes through my mind… ‘How will that work Lord?’, immediately I hear your promise in my heart and my question is answered, and then again I can take my stance in where my assurance lies… in You, in your promises. And I am at peace once more.

Lord help me to continue to hear your voice in every moment. Let your words and promises burn in my heart and sear into my life so that I am forever changed, forever strengthened and forever filled with your courage to do, to say, to be, to show others who You really are.

I am reminded of your Word:

~Psalm 27:13~
[What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!



MyPsalm 35

Day 35
Read Psalm 35 in your own bible or here: Psalm 35
Dear Lord,
Thank you Lord that all your promises are YES and AMEN…. I thank you for my precious ones that are under your umbrella of love and protection.Thank you Lord for always opening their eyes, and giving them wisdom beyond their years. Thank you for showing them the answers and leading them in the way they should go.

Lord please help their eyes see, help their ears hear, help their minds understand and know who you are and see their need for you in their life. Thank you that they WILL KNOW the truth and that truth will set them free.

Thank you that you love our loved ones more than we even love them. Thank you Lord that your love for them extends all the way to the cross and through your outstretched arms. You know them and you created them and you know the key that will unlock and soften their hearts towards you.

Thank you that you have planted eternity in their hearts and that each day these would grow until they eventually are the compass and rudder that will guide their whole life journey. Prepare the soil of their hearts so that seed of eternity is in a field that is ploughed and ready for planting, for seed to take root and grow and flourish and then produce a harvest all around them.


MyPsalm 36

Day 36

Read Psalm 36 in your own bible or here: Psalm 36


Dear Lord,

To me you are like deep refreshing water in a dry and dusty land. Thank you for watering my soul and reviving me when there is nothing else that can quench my thirst.

Let your words of life wash over me and feed me and let your promises stand in the gap when as yet I can’t physically see the fruition of my prayers.

Let your Spirit saturate me and cause life to come into the dry and cracked places inside me and let your Life seep into mine until my life is Your life.

May your voice in my heart continue to be heard clearly and quickly and let it resonate through me and uphold me whether all else fails or not.

Thank you that You never leave me for a second, You are always with me.



Hope you enjoy the journey!

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. The second psalm of yours here really touched my heart. What a prayer for our children! “…you know the key that will unlock and soften their hearts towards you.” I so needed to hear this. I want to save your words and refer to them as I pray for my young adult children. The youngest is 19. God is blessing me with your encouragement and the wisdom that He is bestowing on you. Thank you so very, very much.

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