MyPsalms 28-30 ~ Letters to God

MYPSALMS   28-30.

I’m reading through the Psalms and I’m writing my own MyPsalms… They are a wonderful way to connect God and I in real conversation. I hope you are enjoying them. Maybe you will feel inspired to write your own Psalms!

My desire is to find this place of intimacy, this place of desire and knowing, this place of dependence on Him in all things. My days are so full that I just blow through them with working full-time and all the requirements of a family and then I wonder did I talk to God at all during the day?”

MyPsalms 28*30 are below and the links to the album that will contain all of them =)

I hope you enjoy them. To keep up with them each day please go and visit my Facebook page

The Answer I’ve Found and see the Album ~My Psalms… Letters to God~


MyPsalm 28

Day 28
Read Psalm 28 in your own bible or here: Psalm 28

Dear Lord,

There is so much that I am taking in from around me, from things You are showing me, things in the news and media, things that I read people sharing, so many messages.

They constantly evoke responses in me but Lord let my response be guided by You. You have created me for a purpose and so some things are going to speak louder to me than others but help me to always have your take on it and not my own.

I commit my plans and thoughts to you Lord. You know where my heart is. You known the I intentions I have and my motivations.

Right now I surrender all of this to you. I lay everything down. Lord please make it abundantly clear, let me know your words, your directions, your plans and your guidance for all that rises up with me.

Give me the words, your words, show me the pathway you would have me take. Give me courage and boldness to speak your truth without fear or intimidation and help the hearers hear your words of life, hope, and peace for this is what leads to salvation.



MyPsalm 29

Day 29
Read Psalm 29 in your own bible or here: Psalm 29

Dear Lord,

I am so grateful for you Lord thank you for being in my life. Your presence is the ballast in my boat, you watch over me and you make my life complete.

As I head out each day I go knowing that you are with me and that your sweet presence is covering me.

Thank you for leading me through my life and directing my paths into the plans that you have for me.

Even when the path is a little skewed I know that if I’m following your lead I will come out into a wide open space.

The paths that you are leading me on are bringing increased freedom into my life. I am able to release things that not so long ago meant so much.

Your words ring so very true to me…

Philippians 3:8
Yes, furthermore, I count everything as loss compared to the possession of the priceless privilege (the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage) of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him [of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly]. For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs), in order that I may win (gain) Christ (the Anointed One),


MyPsalm 30

Day 30

Read Psalm 30 in your own bible or here: Psalm 30




Dear Lord,

You have ignited a flame of passion in my heart. It’s growing stronger each day.

You are allowing me to sense your love for individuals and your individual desire for their salvation including your plan and purpose to come about in their lives.

Continue to soften my heart and lead me closer and closer to you so that I can hear and listen to what you have to say to me and then Lord send me on my way with courage and wisdom.

Prepare the ground of hearts and minds to receive the incredible knowledge of your love for them and how you rush to save them.

The time is now Lord!





Hope you enjoy the journey!

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. I love the way you are framing these psalms into your own words. They all affect us in different areas of our lives as all of God’s Word does. Thank you for your perspective.

    • I actually decided I was going to read a Psalm every day and also write my own MyPsalm, they are my own Psalms not an interpretation of the Psalm I have read that day but great to get the word in and also be connecting with God in my own intimate way. I was inspired by King David knowing and talking to God in such a real way =)

  2. Yes…. I think we can learn a lot from their relationship… I know both reading and writing the MyPsalms are transforming my life and relationship with Him in such a special way <3

  3. so inspiring, so amazing, God is really speaking to us all through your amazing Psalms, God bless you

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