MyPsalms 22-24 ~ Letters to God


I’m reading through the Psalms and I’m writing my own MyPsalms… They are a wonderful way to connect God and I in real conversation. I hope you are enjoying them. Maybe you will feel inspired to write your own Psalms!

My desire is to find this place of intimacy, this place of desire and knowing, this place of dependence on Him in all things. My days are so full that I just blow through them with working full-time and all the requirements of a family and then I wonder did I talk to God at all during the day?”

MyPsalms 22-24 are below and the links to the album that will contain all of them =)

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The Answer I’ve Found and see the Album ~My Psalms… Letters to God~


MyPsalm 22

Day 22

Read Psalm 22 in your own bible or here: Psalm 22


Dear Lord,

I have been listening to You. I’ve heard your voice clearly in my mind these last few days, quite a few times.

It goes like this… some crazy thought pops into my head… negative… “I bet they think…” “What if they…”
These thoughts go on and on all day in our minds and we barely hear them… but this last few days I hear them, and then I hear You calling to me when these thoughts invade the quiet space of my mind.

‘You don’t have to listen to that Cam!’, ‘Really how do you know that’s the truth?’ ‘Are you sure about that judgment?’ ”No stop, its not true, you might be wrong, don’t assume!’

I’ve been hearing your direction Lord and its a direction in the way of peace, hope, love, empowerment.

The most blessed thing is that I am HEARING YOU…. and my response is ‘Yes Lord you are RIGHT, of course you are right!’

My revelation is that I DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PATH OF THOSE THOUGHTS… they lead to fear, worry, rejection, hurt, bitterness, anger… and those results may actually be stemming from thoughts that just aren’t true!!

My empowerment is to LISTEN to you… ‘YES Lord you are right! I hear you. I want to listen to your wisdom!’ And as a result you will give me freedom from these snares that are traps and lair’s.

I don’t need to waste my energy on these pursuits and trains of thought. When I HEAR you and LISTEN I can change the direction of my day, the peace can remain in my heart and I don’t have to feel miserable…

Help me LISTEN and HEAR every day and Lord please speak loudly when I am day dreaming!


MyPsalm 23

Day 23
Read Psalm 23 in your own bible or here: Psalm 23


Dear Lord,

How can my heart not sing your praise? Your goodness overwhelms me.You know just the perfect solutions. You make glorious provisions.
You give generous gifts. You shower lavish love on us.
You divinely connect us. You always forgive us.As I look at your creation my heart leaps. It’s almost as if I touch your hand when your creation and my heart make contact. How can I look around me at the wonder of life and give that glory to another?As I look at all you have made, I sense your presence is ALL around me.
Every creation is a signpost from you saying ‘”Look I am right here!”I am in awe of you.
I am in awe of all you do.
I am in awe of all you have made.
I am in awe of your love.
I am in awe of your sacrifice
I am in awe of your patience, that you wait for us.
I am in awe of your plan, that you don’t rush us.
I am in awe of your majesty and greatness and your humility and gentleness.My heart sings your praise! Thank you for your goodness!
Day 24
Read Psalm 24 in your own bible or here: Psalm 24

Dear Lord,Lord you carried our griefs. You carried our grief and sorrow to the cross with you and you bore them.
When things make me sad, I remember this Lord that you are intimately acquainted with all these weights and feelings. There are things causing me grief right now, and also things that grieve me.
And so, in the midst of this I look to you and your strength, purpose and promises.You remind me to not let my heart be troubled and so this is my first thought.
You remind me that you know the end from the beginning. That makes your plans the safest.
You remind me that you are my Father and you want what is best for me and my family.
You remind me that you completely understand and know how I feel.
You remind me that you are living this with me, but how much more so than I!For you surely must be grieved every single day at what you see.
You see and know each person and their grief.
But then your heart of Love is greater than anything.
And it is because of your very great love that you hold back until the time appointed to make all things right.
And in the meantime, you are waiting and holding on and you give us time to come to you.Your promise in all of this is that you will turn our mourning into dancing, you will turn our sorrow into joy.
You have walked this road, you have traveled this path, you will get us through until you come again.Amen

Hope you enjoy the journey!

~Cam Richmond~


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