My life is a squeeze….

My life is a squeeze...

How do I unsqueeze my life? This is the question I had asked myself A LOT!

I had spent months particularly trying to think of ways to re-jig my life and make it work better for me. So much I need to fit into each day and keeping everyone happy especially the ones that mean the most to me was challenging. I decided I could do at least 5 things at a time, or in a day and do them fairly well. That included things I need to do and things I want to do. I decided I didn’t really know how to measure that but I know I never only do one thing at a time, and more often than not, I will try and do way more than 5 things at a time. I would more likely try and do at least 10 things of the want and need variety.

Sooo… Here is the thing! Is it better to do 5 things well rather than a touch of 10 things in a semi well fashion. I am sure you will all say 5 things well but what is a girl to do if she is a wife, mother, worker, friend, cleaner, cook, shopper, bookkeeper and not least she is a PERSON!!!

My friend laughed her head off at me when I was telling her that I buy all these books and then I don’t have time to read them so I said to her that I had a new plan that I am going to read at least one page of 3 different books every day, that way, slowly but surely I would at least be reading and she said that was silly and I should just read one book at a time. Anyhow I tried it – read the few pages of each of three books.

What I realised, was that by doing things like this, even though I may achieve something worthwhile and good for me I am putting the squeeze on myself constantly. It’s because I try to squeeze everything in and then the squeeze gets put on me! And I don’t need any more squeezes.

This is where I struggle… Managing wants and needs. I think that to me my wants are my needs and my needs are everyone else’s wants – of course that is not always the case. For example I love my family and I want to do things for them, so in that case your wants are also my needs. My theory is that in order to be a whole and happy person you NEED to have a balance of all these things, my needs and wants, my families needs and wants and a percentage of the other important people’s needs and wants, and priority to all is God.

In the end after much considerations I worked out there really is only so much that can be done, time is still time and in this day and age it still can’t be bent… I started looking at the things I have been doing and trimming them… Often when you look at something you will find that there is a layer of ‘fat’ spoke to speak that can come off as it’s not good for our health and wellbeing in the long run even if it seems good now.

So what worked for me was trimming, shaving and minimising what I do do… There are the ends that can be trimmed off and I found them… And, this year I had no choice, my work changed and along with it my work hours and therefore the flow on effect sifted through every area of my life and the changes that I made, the modifications have made it easier and helped me regain and reclaim some time.There a lot of things that I do that I love, things that I didn’t want to stop or give up because otherwise I would cease to be me… so I havent given them up! I have trimmed things! Maybe you need a closer shave!!!

~Cam Richmond~
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  1. Just keep trimming… just keep trimming… 🙂

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