Making peace with the pieces…

Making peace with the pieces.

I am having a melancholy moment. I am always letting go…

The past is the past and its gone really, even though I continually try to drag it into the present. Fragments of the past remain with me here today and its up to me to keep sweeping them away when they trouble me, or to find the pieces, put them together and then shelve them after I have made peace with the pieces.

Sometimes I come across a group of fragments that create a beautiful image, a memory of something precious and when I find them I can fit them together to make a whole picture and keep this treasure together in a frame on my mantle. Its lovely to come back to these images and revisit with the memory.

Sometimes I miss what has gone, really it may not have gone. Really it has just changed and morphed into something new. I can honestly say I didn’t envisage the changes I have experienced but then neither did you right? Things and people in our life may not really be gone, they are just different, but the seasons and landscapes change and maybe what and who I thought I’d continue to live each day with are now somewhere else. But thats life right!

I can say that I have found my peace within this but from time to time the waters of emotion are stirred and what comes to the surface is a reflection of something that isnt there anymore. But if I look again…. and I see a new reflection, new opportunities, people, blessings and openings.

We rejoice with those who rejoice, those who have found the blessings that they were were looking for and yet its completely normal and ok that at times we also grieve for their going. The best thing we can do it to make peace with all these pieces of our lives and look to see what reflection is there for us right now!

~Cam Richmond~


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