Lord help me hear your voice

Lord I humble myself before you. I hardly know what’s what anymore but I know your word. You have given us the pathway back to you. People are putting blockages in that pathway that deflect them and others from finding you today.

Your word is truth. You are the way the truth and the life.
No… No one comes to the father but by you.

Lord help me to hear your voice ever so clearly in each and every moment. I raise my shield faith high Lord. I am reminded that you are my shield and my exceedingly great reward. I look to you. You stand for me Lord.

I lift your word. I lift up your word above all else that is going on around us.

Lord I pray for truth to be ringing out in this day. Let truth be heard.

I pray for Damascus Road experiences in your precious name. Let scales fall from people’s eyes. Let them SEE as they have never seen before. Let them HEAR Lord. I pray you will loosen and remove the wax from people’s ears. Let your whisper be heard by them and then your roar.

Your roar is your love… Your truth… Your power… Your grace…

~Cam Richmond~


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