Look to the Creator…

Look to the Creator…

People would rather put their hope in God’s creation and not in Him, but nothing that people put their hope in can save them except for Him. There is no person or thing, natural or supernatural, that can save humanity from itself.

There will always be the question of life and death, nothing in creation itself can save our life, at some point it will all be over for each of us. Creation and nature can help extend our lives and make them better, but after we die in this world, then what happens?

I believe our lives can be eternal, eternity can start today, because once we open our hearts to God and ask him to come in, then eternity has already begun.

If we fail to choose, that lack of choice has made the decision for us, eternity might have started but an eternity without God

Choose Life. Look to the Creator and not creation, and you will truly LIVE now!


~ Cam Richmond~

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