Lets keep it real.

There is some crazy stuff happening out there in the world. What will we do about it? Can’t live life in a bubble for too long, though – they tend to pop sooner rather than later although many try to stay in as long as they can!
Truth and reality is not convenient usually… but it doesn’t change truth and it doesn’t change reality.
We can pretend to not care, not have an opinion, to take the safe stance but the place where truth counts the most is in our own heart.
Truth cannot be denied on the inside. We may try to camouflage it but it’s STILL there…
It’s easy to feel that it’s all too hard…
But maybe it will make it more hard in the end by ignoring it..
Living in a bubble is often a safety mechanism and we all need a safe place, some people who have been hurt, abused, and other situations too I understand need to spend time there to recover, get strong, find their place, even find hope…. but in the daily grind of life, the truths that we face and the truths we bury make life what it is.
This post isn’t about anything specific, it’s about everything!
What is truth and what is reality to you?
What are you avoiding by living in your bubble?
Just something to think about…
~Cam Richmond~
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