LIGHT FOR LIFE – OCTOBER 2011 – Lessons Learnt in Battles

It seems that we learn lessons when we least expect them but always when we need them the most, and, the true “gift” in these lessons always lies in the learning process  itself.

~Cathy Lee Crosby~

Although a lot can be learned from adversity, most of the same lessons can be learned through laughter and joy.

~Peter McWilliams~

It had been a very hard day. I have learnt so much of how to handle certain things that I encounter but I definitely have a ways to go on that. I am beginning to see that during every battle we face and each time we face similar battles there will be parts of it that will be very familiar to us and these are the parts that you can learn to conquer, and this is part of what I experienced today. That part is the part that is quite exhilarating as you realise that you know what to do in that situation and you can take it apart and work your way through it…

Interestingly I thought I was winning this one until I lost. And where I lost out is in the stamina department. I always realise this after that fact though, but next time, and there always is a next time I will keep in mind to pace myself and be aware that I can only take so much.

I can’t explain how it is, but I can tell you that we are all so very different and so different in how we handle our experiences, especially the more challenging ones. What happens to me is that I am fine, I am aware of the situation, I can call to mind the things I have learnt, and I did that today in an instance where my son was upset. I realise now that a lot of what he says and displays is really displaced frustration and anger so I knew to probe a little further to the true source of his agitation and I made it to that point. So at that point I was winning.

But then there are also the things that you can’t control… how other people handle things and react and cope. You may control your emotions, thoughts and mind but you can’t make others control how they cope, feel or handle things. And even then, when you are aware of how others all handle the same situation you can’t always remain as strong as you like for as long as you like. I am not as strong as I would like to be and all of a sudden I can go from handling to not handling and in those situations that still doesn’t mean you can say ‘ok end of story, let’s just leave that right here, the end’. It’s  not something that is rehearsed or planned… it is life.

So again I learn something through that. I have a point where I just need the challenge to END, I can only emotionally handle so much and then I just can’t do it. I need to get away, I need to have peace and I can’t deal with the situation where it’s at. I don’t want to exacerbate things I need calm in order to maintain my buoyancy or else I will sink…

We each have to know our own, what I am calling my ‘buoyancy point’, the point of sink and swim, it doesn’t mean we can prevent the sinking but we can perhaps reinforce ourselves before we get to that place as we sense the proximity nearing…. and make it more of a near miss than a direct hit.

Ok to be honest with you one of my main battles is with my weight! In all my life I have gone up and down and up and down and down and up again I have clothes in many sizes cos I am not going to buy them all again. I’m not really a binger, I just make bad choices and I have a big appetite… I exercise too but I could definitely do more and I haven’t been blessed with one of those bodies that just stays trim taut and terrific by itself.

It doesn’t matter what your struggle is, if it controls you by either will power or by lack of it continually it is so frustrating. I ask… Can I even conquer one piece of toast? It has to be possible, and I believe God will help me with this… I have tried all sorts of things but I am convinced that in the end it has to come through His help! There also has to be hope for others with other addictions for a breakthrough!

We all have lots of areas that we need breakthroughs in…..we just have to take it one day at a time and learn to place our battles with God to fight, of course we need to do our part – which is maybe just to say yes and no at the appropriate moments. One thing is for certain and I have determined that I am never going to give up; this is my quest and challenge! And I am not going to give up learning how to cope in other battles in my life.

When I look back at the last 7 years or so I can see just how much I have changed and grown, each experience has taught me some lessons and through them I have gained valuable first-hand knowledge of how to cope, make it through and also that I can pass these lessons on to others.

It really is quite an exciting moment when you see that you have learnt how to cope with something in your life, when you learn how not to let something get to you and beat you. As I said this is life, we can’t really run from it so it’s probably going to come around again.

Make a note of the things you have learnt, they cost you and they will help pay for the next leg of the journey!


Word For Life


Knowledge acquired by systematic study in any field of scholarly application, the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. Psychology… the modification of behavior through practice, training, or experience.

The Word


Practice what you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and model your way of living on it, and the God of peace (of untroubled, undisturbed well-being) will be with you.

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