Learning material…

Life has enough learning material for many life times!

What we learn today we can take into tomorrow. If we don’t take it in tomorrow it wastes the learning material.

Every lesson is valuable and sometimes only years later do we see the value in the lesson.

The lessons of the people around us are also invaluable… Usually we need to learn things for our self but in seeing the lessons of those around us is an amazing resource that we don’t have to pay for!

We all pay for our experiences one way or another… and when we learn from another’s experiences at least most of the time we don’t have to pay for that!

We do however pay for our own learning materials… we pay for them or we are paid… they either take something from us or give something to us.

Sometimes a hard lesson is well worth what we pay for it, and sometimes we have no choice to pay, there was no option, so we may as well take everything we can get out of it!

So what am I learning at the moment… I am learning to not be pulled down by things that seem to go wrong one after the other.

I am learning to use my new motto a whole lot more… ‘there are worse things in the world’

It helps me out of all manner of negative, frustrating, disappointing and even literally costly situations – like when my computer dies and I have to buy a new one… yes… there are worse things in the world!

I have actually been able to draw on the strength that that statement gives me and use it to lift me over the negativity and frustration. It enables me to keep moving on through situations and immediately alleviates stress, and keeps me out of a negative downhill slide!

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~


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