Know what you believe… Know why you believe… Know who you believe….



Know what you believe…
Know why you believe…
Know who you believe….

What do you believe?

How do you know who to listen to?

I am asking myself this question right now as I hear all kinds of different responses to the current world climate, changes that are happening in the world and then are being discussed by Christians everywhere, who are then forming their beliefs based on all kinds of information.

I find it very concerning to know who to listen to anymore, as the scales that I used to weigh my respect of peoples theology on can’t be used anymore. Perhaps its just that I have learnt now that I need to know what I believe the bible says and then go with that. There were people that I once listened to and took what they said for gospel, but not anymore as I hear things that are preached, recommended, shared around that in my opinion call into question all kinds of biblical foundation.

This really concerns me as the biblical foundations that people believe or accept can determine how they live their life and the choices they make each day – here on and most importantly into ETERNITY.

I used to look towards particular preachers for what their take on world events and bible prophecy was, and the also to the church-view on current situations but now I find more and more that these interpretations are so varied that it isn’t clear who is in agreement anymore. I think that I am going to stick with my simple understanding of the bible and if anyone preaches anything different to what I have always believed, then I need to look at the bible for my answer.

Isn’t it easy to get drawn into all kinds of debates and discussions? For me it is anyway… now everyone seems to have different opinions and many new interpretations of long and rightly held beliefs are being bandied about. This side of heaven its becoming hard to know who is on the right track.

I also find it concerning that Christian Pastors aren’t 100% clear about what they do believe anymore, as hard as that may be. Answering questions with more questions isn’t answering the question.

Persecution is going to come, as a matter of fact it is here now. Dare you raise your head and say what you believe anymore because the Christian standpoint is more often open to options these days and our view is not popular, even with other Christians. I know I am trying to stay out of arguments and debates, and then I wonder is it my job to say no this is wrong? Is it my job to debate? But I don’t think it is…. I am not good at debating its not my gift. But what I will do is ask the questions and voice my concerns.

When a Pastor recommends, mentions, or seemingly supports others with opinions on very grey areas these days the ‘flock’ are most likely to follow their lead, no it doesn’t mean the flock will think for themselves! People who grew up in my era will probably believe what the pastor says. I am glad not to be in the position of Pastors who are sharing these new ideas that can lead people away from the bible truths, away from believing that it is the inspired word of God, and doubting the bibles authenticity and validity … to me its a clear sign there is trouble ahead. A church divided against itself wont be able to stand.

My opinion is not to tell you not listen to Pastors, Preachers and the like, but to find out yourself what the bible says and what you believe.

The truth doesn’t change, the truth is often unpleasant and controversial, truth isn’t always popular, the understanding of truth is subjective to opinion and interpretation…

~Cam Richmond~


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