Keeping Pace…

If we are training for something or on a mission to achieve a goal, even if we are trying to get fit, it’s a great idea to have a walking buddy. It’s the same in life. It’s great to have a walking buddy!

There is a friend of mine that we used to walk together a lot. She was fitter than me and whenever I walked with her it would encourage me to keep pace with her. She is a strong walker and her normal pace is faster than mine so it helped me to go that little bit further and faster than I would by myself.

It’s the perfect example of why walking your life journey with someone is so good. It doesn’t have to be a husband or wife, just a great friend will do, someone who is on your wavelength, someone who will push you that little bit, increase your comfort zone, someone who sees things like you do, maybe someone who knows more than you in different areas so that you can both contribute something to each other’s lives.

Have you got a walking buddy for life? If so great – walk on purpose, perhaps talk to them about the journey you are taking together. If not I pray you will find someone who you can do that with!

It doesn’t even have to be a person who is actually close to you in distance. I have made friends with people in other countries and I know we would consider each other walking buddies too.

There is no limitation to it being someone around the corner from you although that is great but if not look further afield! Seek and you will find!


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