Life is a simultaneous inward and outward journey with two individual destinations… deeper and further.

The journeys should both take us along the same path if we are being true to ourselves and our beliefs, morals and standards.

We are all learning on the inward and outward journey and it is up to us how we will travel, how fast, how smoothly, how cleverly.

It will also depend on how our attitude is towards the obstacles we may encounter along the way and if we will choose to learn from the fellow sojourners along the way.

We may not have the map for every detail and we may not have all we need for the whole trip with us but no one can travel with EVERYTHING they need. You wouldn’t get very far at all, maybe only an inch at a time to be able to balance all those requirements in your backpack and arms.

There’s a few essential items… We need wisdom to help us make the correct choices, perhaps some binoculars for vision and clarity, a gps to see where we are on the map and the surrounding area, a blanket for keeping us warm and sheltered, a coat to protect us from the elements, some light to light the way… these elements all represent something practical in our worlds, and they may be different for each of us.

Travel lightly, travel swiftly, don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a ditch, or waylaid by too many distractions but be sure to make some time to stop and smell the roses along the way!

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