Its a crop out!

How much of our real lives are cropped out so others only see the good bits?

I take a lot of photos of my garden and it looks very beautiful. Of course I take photos of all the beautiful parts!

Real life always has the messy, ugly bits and in my garden there are a lot of things around our house outside that I would prefer not to be there. My husband is a tradesman and builder and so consequently there are bricks, timber, tools, off-cuts of wood. He needs these things for the work he does, but when I look around I would much prefer they were out of sight. It would be lovely for everything to be neat as a pin, and it only contained beautiful things that belong in a cottage garden, lots of colour, foliage, and lots of special touches.

So when I take photos of my garden, or anything that I am going to upload for people to see, I know how to take the photos at angles that don’t show all the parts that I don’t want you to see. I am a master at cropping and editing to make the photos look good and disguise things to show what I want you to see!

However just because you can’t see all the messy bits in my garden doesn’t mean that they aren’t there!

Everyone’s life is really like this. There are always things that we keep are out of view of other people’s sight. There are always things we hide. There are always parts that are seen and unseen.

Just because there are some people around you whose life looks fabulous, fun, beautiful, tidy, and with everything in order doesnt mean that its the way it really is.

~Cam Richmond~

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