It’ll Work…

It’ll Work

There are things that only yesterday used to work. Each day things in your life change without you even noticing.

It changes in the tiniest increments barely visible to the naked eye or comprehensible by the mind. It changes in degrees, in seconds, in heartbeats, in flashes, in steps and turns, in a thought, in an attitude, in a decision or choice…. And all without our knowledge, observation, understanding, or seemingly our choice or permission.

The thing is that every degree, second, heartbeat, thought, choice, is some kind of decision, either by our free will whether we are aware of that or not or by what circumstances life has thrust upon us, and even then as it is thrust upon us we have choices and decisions and reactions to make second after second after second.

So when I come to the today of my life and that particular ‘thing’ doesn’t fit in or work anymore I will try to look back and realize that it used to and it probably can again.

My life has changed dramatically this last 6 months. I went from living in the own small little world of my little family and friends to being a part of a huge community that I didn’t even know was there. It was like I was on the cusp of knowing it but it was hidden by a wall like a mirror of my own reflection and just beyond it was another world!!!! that you all live in!

My world expanded insurmountably in a matter of weeks and little by little increment by increment and degree my life was on a more noticeable roll of change.

Most of the time it’s so slow and seemingly insignificant that we don’t know and other times we are thrust into a new dimension in a much shorter space of time that is very obvious to us and everybody else.

As each day things change, things are added and subtracted from our worlds and lives until we look back in wonder, amazement and with questions of how ‘that’ changed and now you just can’t seem to fit it in… there is a way!

So that is what you can think on when things seem to be all over the place and seem as if there is no way on earth you can do that, fit that in, see how that would work…. There is a way to rework things that makes most things possible.

I ask God to help me when I am reordering my days and weeks and since I have been asking him to help me I have found quite a few answers to sifting through how I do things, what I do and when. Things aren’t as impossible as they have seemed if you can think back to what you used to do and continue to change things into doing them how God is showing you. He can make it work for you!

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~Cam Richmond~

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