To realise the power and potential of influence.

Water running over rock wears a channel in it’s surface over time.

Slow, consistent, constant, gentle, unwavering, unchanging, quiet, even whispered, it does not have to roar or shout.

Often when someone speaks quietly calmly gently their voice is heard much louder by their audience who will more likely feel drawn to their words.

When someone raises their voice, yells, shouts, the door to someone’s heart is often quickly closed. Fear closes people up rather than inviting them to hear and respond.

Water is a powerful and unstoppable force even in the most gentlest fashions.

The evidence left behind of the channels of water are a permanent reminder of the voice that spoke them.

When someone yells or shouts rather the path that was being created is shattered.

That’s why God’s voice is more often heard in the whisper 

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~


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