When I talk inclusion I am not referring to diversity. I am talking about time together versus time alone.

There are many times, seasons and events, pretty much on a daily basis that I think about inclusion.

I grew up in a home that everyone was included. There wasn’t an event that was exclusively for ‘this group’ of people. I am so thankful that because my mum cared for people, especially those down and out, that we always shared our table, our home and even our room at times with people that had no where else to go.

Friends of ours that were in difficult families, whose families didn’t live close by, people who were stuck for a place, old and young were welcome.

I think that’s why even at this age I really struggle with not including … its just not in my nature. I think of those ones who aren’t surrounded with as many people as they would like to be and I want for them to be able to get a touch of that.

We live our lives in this society in such a bubble that we don’t even know what our neighbours are going through, whether they are in need, let alone friends who may be in need.

I think of Jesus, He went after the ‘one’ that was alone, missing, in need… That is how we should be. There are so many of us on this planet that no one should be alone. Open your hearts and lives to include especially the ones around you in need. It will mean so much to them.

~Cam Richmond~[subscribe2]
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