I count it but loss, for the sake of the cross…

“But whatever former things
were gains to me 
[as I thought then], 
these things 
[once regarded as
advancements in merit]
I have come to consider as loss 
[absolutely worthless]
for the sake of Christ
[and the purpose which
He has given my life].”
‭‭~PHILIPPIANS‬ ‭3:7‬~

In the last 3 years out of the 33 or so years, I have been a conscious Christian I have only just started to grasp the meaning of this verse. 

It was around 3 years ago that I awoke to the most important realization of my life. 
The message of the gospel is life-saving and all people need saving. The mission truly became real to me. 

Since that time as the urgency of the gospel message took hold, everything in my life began to change, suddenly the things that used to count seemed so unimportant, so vain, so temporal, so plastic

The words of Ecclesiastes became my truth. 

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” 
~Ecclesiastes 1:2~

This message of life is for all mankind. In the time that each of us is given in this life, we have an opportunity to deliver the most vital message to all we can. I feel as though I am sadly lacking. 

When I asked myself one day “do I really believe that Jesus is coming back one day soon?” And my answer was “yes”, my life took on a whole new level of purpose and meaning and the change began. 

Ok, so if Jesus is coming back, how then should I live? What is really important? 

My answer: the salvation of my friends and family, eternity. Very quickly my view of everything changed. It never really was about ‘stuff’ for me. It was always about people. But that little desire I had for things that could satisfy me here in the now were smashed to pieces. Not by force but by necessity. It was like that in every area. It was a weird time, a whole new view and image. 

The only thing that even vaguely brought me meaning, in light of this eternity, was in nature. In my garden. In the art gallery of the Creator, in my garden. 

I noticed so much had changed. I was being transformed into a different being, set alight with passion from the fire of eternity. 

In this last few weeks, I have come to an even greater expectancy of this verse. 

There are things that I would dearly love, but more than any of the things that I might dearly love, I would desire to see my friends, my family and loved ones come to know the Lord. 

My motto has become: I count it but loss, for the sake of the cross. 

Lord please take all my desires and transform them into as many souls for the kingdom as there can be. This is what I truly long for. All else is meaningless. 
~Cam Richmond~



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