I am beloved…

~ I am beloved~

I am beloved…

God calls us His beloved…. Yes I always knew this and I accepted it. But I think there is a lot more to it than I realise.

Do I feel like his beloved? What a beautiful beautiful word. Do I feel like anyone’s beloved? I know I feel loved… but beloved… that is a term that goes far deeper and is an intimate way of referring to us.  Are we ‘that’ loved?

We are beloved. I am taking time to ponder this wondrous thought, because as I said I know I am loved and I can accept it, but do I really believe it or know it? I was thinking today about people who are always apologising for things, and although I don’t do it as much as some. I do apologise for a lot of things… ‘Oh I am sorry I was in your way’, ‘Oh sorry I should have done that’….When people make time for me, especially busy people, well most people really, I find myself telling them ‘please don’t trouble yourself’, ‘its ok really, don’t worry about it’, ‘I can do that later’, ‘I know you are busy, I don’t want to waste your time’.

Does any of this sound familiar? Then imagine being so loved that you didn’t need to say any of this?

If we felt more secure and sure of ourselves, if we KNEW where we stood we wouldn’t need to add all those apologetic one liners to our conversations.

This is our position with Father God. Of course we have deep respect, reverence and honour for Him but our relationship with Him is muticoloured. And there also exists this beautiful space where we are His beloved.

He loves us limitlessly, totally, he is LOVE, imagine LOVE loving US! He doesnt hold anything back. He wants to be with us, to SHARE our life, our story, our journey. He longs to be a part of our story.

Even when we dont know He is there he is there in our story. We NEVER have to apologise for taking His time. Yes he is a busy God but He is always available and longs to make time for us.

I long to have a true revelation of this, to really understand the height the depth and the breadth of His love for me.

I am His beloved…
I AM His Beloved…
I am treasured…
I am valued and precious…
I am desired…
I am loved…
I am greatly loved, dear to His heart…
I am wanted…

There is no place that He would rather be than with me <3

He wants me as much as I want true heart fellowship and deep and priceless connection with people.
There’s something that He can get from me that he can’t get from anyone else…
This is how he loves me…. and you!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~


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