How do you share the greatest gift you ever received, with people who don’t know its a gift?

How do you share the greatest gift you ever received, with people who don’t know its a gift?

Have you ever thought about how to share the gift of salvation with the people in your life?

Recently, after talking to a few people, and trying to share my faith with them I had a huge realization. These days, people don’t know what sin is. They don’t know they are sinners. We are all sinners, and we need to be saved and redeemed by the only one that can save us, but this is now a foreign concept to so many.

Many people don’t believe in God anymore, and He is not the foundation of their lives, He has effectively been taken out of the picture. God’s laws set out the standard that much of our society has been built on, but as we remove God, we are removing His laws and in many cases replacing those standards with the opposites, or with ‘free for all’ alternatives. In effect, this is making society more lawless, and we have also become a law unto ourselves, we live in a society that anything goes.

It’s the laws of God, that showed us right from wrong, and what sin was, but now,  no God, no law, means no sin.

The way we have been parenting our children in these last few generations is mostly building them up and encouraging them – yes this is good, however, we are scared to bruise them by the truth in a lot of instances, and so our children are not growing up with the resilience of their forbears. There is definitely value in the ‘school of hard knocks’.

How can people today have any concept of being a sinner, when they are so used to being praised and mollycoddled and encouraged? Yes, truth sometimes hurts. If a child is about to run on the road and they are yelled at to stop them to save their life, then that is for their benefit, even if it scares them, to begin with, so is sharing the full gospel – that we are sinners, we do need saving. Praise and truth are both sides of a double-edged sword, both are vital! 

So, how do you share with people that they need salvation if they don’t know they’re sinners and don’t know they need saving? Explaining the concept of sin, or being a sinner to people is sometimes seen or perceived as a personal attack on them but in reality, if done in the right spirit, with the right intent it’s the most loving act, and it’s about saving their life.

I think that simple truth is the best way to go, the story of our faith. We can share how He has saved us, and how He has changed our life. He has lifted our burdens and sin, He has carried our sorrow and he has made the way open by paying the price for our lack of holiness.

I used to describe this to my kids this way, God is like the sun, if a spaceship flies into the sun without some kind of magical shield it will be scorched and burnt up. Jesus gives us the covering so that we can ‘fly into the light’ so to speak and not be burned. God is just, he is unchanging and He is true to his word, so we cannot ignore his word and His ways and then not expect to pay the consequences… He gave us the answer, He provided the perfect sacrifice. His name is Jesus. People who don’t know they are sinners don’t know they need saving, they need to know that they need saving. Ask God to show you how to share this important message.


~Cam Richmond~

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