His heart ache

His heart ache…

God is love, His heart aches for the world and the state it is in…
Eternity Matters‪#‎EternityMatters‬

Tonight my heart aches for the people being persecuted, murdered, slaughtered, raped, beheaded, run out of their homes, gunned down….

Tonight my heart aches for the lonely, for the broken, for the down and out, for the unfortunate, the homeless, the addicted…

Tonight my heart aches for the estranged, the rejected, the lost, the ones missing, the ones taken to young, the ones that are not with us, the orphans, the widowed, the children who have no one and nothing…

Tonight my heart aches for the lost that do not know the saving grace of Jesus, for those that do not know His love, His sacrifice, His generosity, His hope, peace and embrace…

Tonight my heart aches for those that have known Him and walked away… that have turned their back, that have ignored the truth…
Jesus the way, the truth, the life, those that think they have plenty of time to find their way back to Him, His grace is never-ending but time is NOT!

Tonight my heart aches for my children, my family, my friends, that they would come to know His amazing love, the depths of His peace, the hope that only He can give us….

I hope your heart aches too.
I hope if it doesn’t ache that it will ache
I hope that the ache will cause a shift in your life
I hope that the ache will grow so that it will never leave any of us
and that it will be the driving force in our days
I hope that when He comes back again that we will have
been faithful to share with those we can of the gift He gave us.

He is my Hope

~Cam Richmond~


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  1. My heart aches too Cam, Jesus as we are told in Scripture, was known as a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, He knew those who would be lost but also those who would accept Him and receive the free gift of Salvation.

    God chooses us to be conformed into the image of Jesus even before we are conceived, by His foreknowledge of our hearts repentance and not one of us will be lost, we had Salvation before we were Born but we receive it by our heart repentance, which shows we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour but yes as you shared Cam, those who reject Jesus to death will be lost eternally but we are not to judge anyone’s Destiny, they may repent on their deathbed.

    I was rescued by Jesus after falling into sin, I was ready to give up, when your heart is breaking you loose sight of what is Truth … how could God Love someone as bad as me, I was sure He couldn’t but He does Love me and you too Cam even though we hurt Him greatly, our sin nailed Him to the cross and the nails engraved our names on the palms of His hands and He endued because He Loved us greatly .

    But why do people just walk away, is it because they don’t recolonize the value of staying and that is why as you encouraged us to do, we willingly share the Hope we have eternally, so when the Storms come they have an anchor in Jesus…. good seeds planted bear good fruit God’s Word or Truth does not return to Him void.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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