Freedom’s Eve….

~Freedom’s Eve~

 Freedom comes in increments and measures, inch by inch and no matter what the freedom means in real terms to you, the only way it will come in entirety is firstly in our mind, and then in our will, it may come in our emotions later on…

I have experienced freedom in so many ways in my life but as time goes on I learn that there are more areas within me that need to be freed, and even the areas I am more than aware of are still yet to find that place of true freedom. Life is an untangling of ourselves and with each loosened knot comes a little more freedom and space.

I am thankful for God that He has brought me the most freedom into my life, and each day I trust him and follow His ways it comes in increasing measures. I realise that I have quite a few more knots that need loosening and untying, as I become free I find knots that I never even knew were there.

The knots often get loosened by the things that I least expect, and at moments I never imagined. It can be very uncomfortable as the loosening happens but once I adjust to it I find that I become more of me than I have ever been before and once I embrace this it strengthens my core and helps me to find my place in the life that God destined and planned for me.

The price of freedom is often huge, sacrifices need to be made, sometimes things need to be surrendered, obstacles may need to be dealt with and mindsets need to be shifted but freedom is priceless and its value is priceless.

Whom the Son sets free will be free indeed!

Just something to think about!


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