Finding your voice…



Finding your voice…

Sometimes we just have to speak up for ourselves…

Often in these times we are speaking up for ourselves and our families, those precious to us…

I used to be slightly more intimidated but now I know people are just people, a lot of them are there to provide a service for us, usually we are paying for it.

However sometimes these people think they are doing us a favour… and may like to remind us of that in not so many words…not true… If they are being paid for a service and have a duty of care..

I am learning to rise up and be confident, not be intimidated, and learn to deal with what needs to be dealt with with no fear.

I hate having to play games in these situations… trying to figure out the psychology of a matter or a person, or situation in order to get the best outcome but that is the reality.

When you have lived your life afraid of how to approach people, then finding your voice is so freeing, when you realise most people… are just people then the empowering begins!

I like who I am growing into!

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. Awesome! Hope I find that freedom from fear, along with “my voice”

    • Speaking as one who really had no voice I can tell you Patty that it is really possible to find you voice. Its a process… and I am so glad you commented when you did because I have to find my voice today…

      I was feeling nervous… feeling I am out there on my own trying to sort something out for my son who has a disability, dealing with organisations that are supposed to be helping us has shown me that often we do have to speak up… and I had forgotten but this is the exact situation that caused me to write this blog!!!

      I needed to read that again and find my voice and remember to not be in a an underdog position today when I make the phone calls that I need to make!!!!

      Thank you Patty!!! I will start the day off feeling more empowered now and replace that fear with confidence and instead of feeling down about the situation I will pray and remind myself that God is for me, I will pray for favour and timing and to be speaking to the right people!

      So funny that I needed to learn again from my own writing!

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