Finding Hope for a Brand New Day….

beach-2870I’m thinking of you all that are struggling right now today… My heart goes out to you all..I have sat and read through my whole Newsfeed on Facebook and all the joy, hope, positivity, life and love that was contained in there. While it was so good to read and just what we need to be reading… I think of the ones that struggling right now…

I sit here in bed, just sensing the anxiety that is going on inside me, it’s about a whole lot of different things, it’s not my choice, and I don’t want to feel this way but I do and my place is to share where I am at because I know that there are many others of you that are feeling the same way as me, and probably much worse…

If you struggle with depression or anxiety it’s a very real thing, most of my friends don’t have the same issues with anxiety that I have had,and although what I go through isn’t as bad as other people I think this so important to acknowledge that life isn’t all joy and roses.

Life for a lot of people is a very real struggle and I pray that this year you will find a way out of the depression and anxiety that at times binds you and holds you in place.

I pray you will find peace and most of all I pray that you will find hope… At one point only 2-3 years ago I lost hope… It was nowhere to be found and I was so scared that I wouldn’t find it again…

It was so far removed from where it used to be in my life that I didn’t know that it was possible for it to be a part of me again but somehow I made it through the murky greyness that surrounded me again and I found the Light again, which was really there the whole time, perhaps just hidden behind my clouds.

When hope was lost it changed everything that I thought and saw and believed… It challenged everything I ever hoped or believed, it destabilised my core…

Hopelessness and the struggle with anxiety and depression are so real, but we can make it through again… If you have lost hope, this is the first thing you need to have, once you have hope again, you can make it through and into the place of believing again.

Don’t feel bad, don’t feel like you are the only one, that you are so weak, such a failure, what on earth is wrong with you… You are far from alone! The best thing about that is that we can link arms and we can make it through together…

I go through seasons, this is one of them, and while I am here I just wanted to remind you that we can make it through and my prayer for this year is that you will find a way through, know you are not alone, and do whatever it takes to give yourself the best odds by getting the help you need, in whatever healthy forms that it can take…

Please don’t sit and wait, don’t do nothing, take the smallest steps each day and then keep walking each day after that.

My Light is my salvation, Jesus, I am thankful for him, watching, waiting, standing by me, trusting, giving me His strength and peace, and having faith that I will make it through again to an open light space with room to breathe and move and find life and HOPE…

Join me on the journey at least, don’t stay where you are, if you do nothing will change, and there is room for change and great things to happen every day and they do, if we but look and see…

Much love

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  1. “Jesus is The Light that illumines every human heart.” John 1:9
    He is very near to all who call upon Him. Reach for Him today; He’s already holding out His arms to you!
    Blessings dear Cam. thank you for your candidness and your love. Remember that God holds you close to His heart always.

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  3. I can relate and have found that I need two very important things in addition to hope and the love of God and spirit. Ok three additional things. 1). Vit D. I wasn’t absorbing though I was taking 10K mgs daily. I now use a sun lamp 30 mins a day. In the U.S.A if you are north of Georgia, you aren’t getting enough from the sunshine. The sun lamp works for me. 2.) Dopamine. Through exercise. I have come to realize that I am not just doing exercise to battle weight loss but to increase dopamine and this is the most natural way of doing it. Shooting for 30 mins per day 5-7 days per week. 3.) Seratonin. 5htp and St John’s Wort. If I am not getting enough on my own, I need to provide it for my body. These 3 things have pulled me out of hopelessness. Yes, I have been there for long periods of time too. This works for me. Kudo’s Cam. Proud of you girl!

  4. Hi Cam 🙂 I am very interested in it and am not sure where my path is going. I am also very interested in spiritualism, metaphysics, and holistic therapies. I just don’t know yet. Will keep praying about it and I will be led where I am meant to go 🙂 Stay tuned as I will 🙂

    • I will stay tuned =) at least you can make a career out of naturopathy and help a lot of people… I saw a naturopath last year as you may know… she really made sense and helped me get myself together somewhat.

      Now I need to get myself together again a whole lot after the Christmas explosion LOL

      I do get confused though when some people say fats are bad, naturopath says its the carbs and sugars mostly… they all say different things… then I dont know what to eat!!! Sheesh… If only I had a build of a skinny minny!

  5. I am with you there for sure. Our bodies need healthy fats. Not the deep fried kind.

    I will keep praying and thinking positive thoughts and affirmations. xo

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