Enriched through Experience….

~Enriched through experience~

Over the last few months I’ve been able to see so clearly the growth that is happening in me.

For so many years feeling somewhat handicapped by life and unable to fully or properly deal with the hard lessons that came along I’ve slowly gained enough courage to want to work things out that go wrong or are difficult or unpleasant.

Usually… I lived with some of the things that caused me pain… Fear held me in place… But gradually I learnt that pain was too high a price for me and that the price of confronting things in a gentle but firm way was far better for me…

We’re always taught to communicate and express but I didn’t have a voice… I really didn’t. Fear had clammed my voice and when I look back now… It’s taken the last 22 years to even begin to really reclaim it… In SO many areas of life.

I’ve lost things by using my voice to speak up, changes have occur but really they were already changed or they needed to change. I just hadn’t want to acknowledge or accept the changes but I’m learning and I’m being strengthened. I am being enriched….

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~


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