A lot of us can’t move very far ahead and even begin to experience our future because we are still carrying our ‘life’ baggage everywhere we go.

Sometimes its like a small trolley luggage bag, sometimes it’s a huge suitcase, hopefully we don’t have a porter following us around with an assortment of suitcases and bags! I think we all carry some luggage like this!Perhaps you have that small trolley luggage case rolling behind you dragging on the ground as you go?

As we deal with what is in the luggage bit by bit over time we can reduce the size of the bags, perhaps we can downsize to smaller suitcases till eventually we can get rid of them altogether and maybe we only carry a back pack or have our essentials in a bum bag! This is what happens throughout our life!

Sometimes we end up picking up the wrong luggage – somebody else’s even though it looks just like our own so we need to put it down and then sort out our own cases.

Travelling lightly is the aim when it comes to ‘life’ baggage… holding no grudges, forgiving ills, releasing bitterness and disappointment. When we travel lightly we can travel further, we can be unhindered and free, we can explore and relax as we go…

This is the aim! Reduce your ‘life’ luggage and travel lightly!

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    Reduce your ‘life’ luggage and travel lightly!

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