~ Disappointed~

~ Disappointed~

You are allowed to be disappointed, you are human and you have feelings, desires, boundaries, and needs…. but try not to stay there for too long.

After all other people are human too and you can’t expect them to live up to your expectations or needs all of the time and you probably don’t live up to all other people’s expectations either. No one can do that!

I extremely dislike disappointment in all its forms. It not only hurts you at times, but it can also crush hopes, dreams, desires, it can spell the end of something.

Disappointment is a heaviness that hangs and sometimes it takes a good while to go away. Often when we are disappointed it’s when something is beyond our control but many times it can even be in our self.

Disappointment is very real, you feel it deeply but once you have recognised it and acknowledged it then work on getting re-appointed. Recognise boundaries and limitations and reality and forgive, let go and move on.

Disappointment will keep our faces turned downward and with our faces turned down we might miss the things that are ahead of us….

Let go, it can’t help you to remain in disappointment. Lift up your eyes and walk into what is to come <3

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. Thank you for these words today. We need to encourage each other.

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