Decisions we have to make…

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Decisions we have to make…

Sometimes there are decisions you would rather not have to make, things you don’t want to have to do…

But, it will sometimes come to it…. And then the best thing is to do what you need to do.

Hands up who loves to avoid these situations!!!

My hand used to be up a LOT more than it is these days, but by now I have learnt a lot of lessons that have taught me that avoiding isnt always the best thing to do.

Avoiding prolongs the pain, delays the resolution, entangles people’s hearts and minds, makes the imagination go wild and can presume all manner of things that aren’t really true.

More often than not these days I face things, sooner rather than later…  I know that the pain of going through it now is better than living with pain for a long time, especially when it didnt need to be that way at all, and if it turns out there was a problem then working it through sooner is always better for everyone concerned!

~Cam Richmond~


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