Come Lord Jesus…


Come Lord Jesus come 
Come in your power with your presence
Let the earth, and all that is in it fall into line, fall into place, fall into blessed submission
to you the King of righteousness and justice.

Come Lord Jesus into every life and every heart.
Come Lord Jesus now into every heart and every life.
Come in where you can only come and make your home there.
Come as only you can and bring the change, the miracle, the grace and the hope that only
you can give.

Take your place your position in every life.
For you have overcome the enemies of our hearts and souls, you have brought his work to
nothing by your work of finality. Now bring that into our reality and into our realm for your
glory and your Name.

Your voice will be heard in all the earth and in every heart, and all will come and bow and
surrender, now in this life or in life ever after in your presence or without it for eternity.

Lord while we wait your coming let your name be known.
Let your glory be seen in our lives, help us to only shine with your light.
Let all else become dim in your presence.

Let every bondage be broken
Let every stronghold melt
Let every deception be seen
Let every truth be known.
Let every enemies plan fail

Let victories ring out
Let freedom come and reign
Let eyes be open
Let hearts draw near
Let ears hear your gentle whisper and your voice call them near.

Only you will stand, all else will fall, you are the foundation of our souls.
Make it so Lord, make it soon.
Make it be lord as you will it should.

~Cam Richmond~


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