Clean your robes and trim your lamps…

Clean your robes and trim your lamps…

“When l became a believer, I asked the Lord to always keep my eyes and ears open to anything false. Sometimes l missed it, but He has always shown me eventually.

The deception in the “church” is horrifying, but that is a major sign that we are in the very last moments in church history.

My prayer life consumes me all day, Jesus is cleaning me up. I’m washing my robes in His Blood, throwing the things overboard that are impure and worldly.

Jesus is cleaning up His Bride in urgency. Everything in this world means nothing to me. He has taken it away. I’m not made for this world at all, and it shocks me when “Christians” are happy here.

This life is our school. You are saved, its primary school, then high school, then college. You are being transformed by His schooling, not the worlds. One day, you graduate, whether by death or by Rapture.

The prophetic fulfilments we’re seeing now were a slight breeze a couple of decades ago, now they’re a tornado.

Clean your robes, trim your lamps, takes your eyes off what the world is saying and lookup.

Our Home is ready. Jesus is standing up and at the door. Come, the lover of my soul.”

Amen #eternitymatters #Maranatha

~A beautiful piece, written by someone who is very close to the Lord~

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