Changing Seasons…

Looks like a season of ups and downs and roundabouts for some people at the moment!

Thankfully the seasons end and they change so we get a variety of them and also hopefully we are not too suprised when the seasons come and go.

There are the standard types of seasons and all their variations… covering everything in between.

Winter can be mild or freezing, summer can be stifling or dry, Spring can be rainy or windy…. the best thing is that they change, so if you are in a freezing winter, take heart, the thawing spring sun will come soon, or if you are in a roaring summer the autum breezes will be just the thing.

It changes so quickly sometimes and just like that overnight we find ourselves in a different place. In our lives it doesnt always happen the spring follows winter but at least we know the variety of seasons that come and go! Change might be just around the corner!

Look forward to the Spring 🙂

~Cam Richmond~

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