What is the correct stance?

                          What is the correct stance? We are faced with all kinds of things happening around us. How would He have us take our stance? How do we fight the battle that we are in and win? I think by retraining and changing our initial human responses as best as we can, not just in how we respond our of our emotions but how we pray too. Prayer is a supernatural response, and yet I can pray according to my own will, with my own slant on how things should go, I could even pray with wrong motives, I could pray out of fear or worry or anxiety. But when I pray according to His will, with His word, declaring His promises there is no doubt that God is at work for His best, for His will to…

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He Knows the Intention of My Heart and He Loves Me

                          Sometimes I feel as if there is no one who really understands me. You know…. where I don’t have to try and explain it. You know your have those times when you try to think “Who can I talk to that will understand me?” and you can practically think of no one. Beautiful thing is that there is One who understands, and that’s Jesus. I don’t have to explain myself to Him, I don’t have to try and be understood. He knows me, He knows exactly where I’m coming from. He knows my heart. And he knows my weaknesses, He knows my flaws, He sees through them……. And I don’t have to be afraid because He knows my intention and He loves me…. And besides that He’s the one that showing me what is what, He speaks to…

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Pursue God and Pray

                        The best thing you can do is pursue God and pray It’s hard to believe the things I’m hearing It’s hard to see the things I’m seeing but God has opened my eyes for a reason I tried to make people aware but they really didn’t want to listen I thought it was obvious, that it was clear and black and white but they couldn’t hear it and they couldn’t see it. God showed me the futility in my words. The power to change and transform is not in my words it’s in His power So why did I see and hear? So I can know and pray? I quickly learnt… in a slow fashion 😉 That its not about my words but His. It’s not about my persuasion but His power ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit: www.lightforlifeinspirations.com www.facebook.com/lightforlifepage www.facebook.com/sayaprayerforme www.facebook.com/theanswerIvefound www.facebook.com/lovewithoutexpectationspage www.facebook.com/AmazingEternalGrace…

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The Valley Between

There is a valley between that elusive place of peace and happiness and the real life that we live in. I have been chasing peace and happiness…., just simple peace and happiness…. not even immense serenity and overflowing joy, just peace and happiness, a life without drama, a life with no illness, no doctors, no forms and paperwork, no out of the ordinary problems or dramas, a life without ill loved ones, people struggling, injustice and the list goes on. I believe life has a higher purpose and that is where I find my meaning. The things that used to bring me wholeness, joy, mean ing etc just don’t do that anymore… I see things through an eternal perspective and I know things here just keep getting more difficult, complicated and the way the world is going… diabolical. The more I hope for this peace here on earth the more elusive it seems. I…

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Me, Myself, I…. wont get too far!

Me, Myself and I… won’t get too far on our own If I am my own higher power. If I am my own wisdom. If I am my own answer. If I am my own source. If I am my own solution…. Then God help me! God has given us the goods, the raw ingredients are within us, they are seeds of Him, we have the ability to change, grow, we have character and choice but that only goes so far! I look outside myself for all these things…To God, my Saviour Jesus. My higher power is Jesus. My wisdom is from God, my answer comes through faith, my source is His provision, my solution is the one He gives me because He knows whats best for me because He sees all things and things I don’t see. “They” say if you want to move forward, grow, improve then you…

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The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World   The world is in a really sad state of affairs. Everywhere I look, I see, hear and read things which are really so sad. One brother blames another brother. One calls out another, when there is already a speck in his eye. Lives are destroyed. When if ever will this end? Even sadder the truth that a lot of these people should know better. Don’t they realise in their well meaning stances they are exacerbating world crisis? The world is in a heightened state… I don’t know if you feel it but I do. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names WILL still hurt me… You know that feeling? When you don’t think there is anything wrong but then you notice the tension in your shoulders. I mean check yourself now? Do you need to consciously relax your shoulders from the weight…

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