Time Management & The Hundreds and Thousands of Life

Life is hectic, its fast, its full of all sorts of things that we need and that we don’t need! I need to cull somethings out of my life so that I am not running all the time. ~Little Things Add Up!~My life is just a bit crazy busy, it never seems to stop in one way or another and I need to do something about it. I am a detailed person so I like all the detailed things about life, my life and our life, but perhaps I don’t have time for all the details anymore. I need to do some culling and when you look at that, its often hard to imagine what to cull and if you really can or want to cull something. I mean I’m not going to stop doing art or writing or doing the shopping for that matter… all essentials to me! Anyway…

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Keeping Pace…

If we are training for something or on a mission to achieve a goal, even if we are trying to get fit, it’s a great idea to have a walking buddy. It’s the same in life. It’s great to have a walking buddy! There is a friend of mine that we used to walk together a lot. She was fitter than me and whenever I walked with her it would encourage me to keep pace with her. She is a strong walker and her normal pace is faster than mine so it helped me to go that little bit further and faster than I would by myself. It’s the perfect example of why walking your life journey with someone is so good. It doesn’t have to be a husband or wife, just a great friend will do, someone who is on your wavelength, someone who will push you that little…

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The Navigator….

But I trusted in, relied on, and was confident in You, O Lord; I said, You are my God. My times are in Your hands Psalm 31:14-15 AMP and Psalm 139:16 AMP If there was someone who had seen every single day you ever lived, and they knew the beginning, the end, the middle, the end and every other day, minute and hour in between and they loved you more than anyone possibly could wouldn’t you think it was a good idea to put your time in their hands? This is the position that God occupies in all our lives whether we give him control or not. He knows every detail and He totally loves us more than anyone ever could. He is unlike any other as he has our interests 100% at heart and he knows us better than we know ourself. Now that is one I can confidently…

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Stronger Not Weaker…

  After having been through so many tests in my life, now I sense  when I am in one. And when I can   sense that I am in one then I  know that I want to do what I can to get through it more quickly rather than prolonging my stay by my unwillingness to at least TRY!  I wouldn’t want to go through all those tests again but thankfully they have shaped me to be who I am and actually, I am mostly quite happy with who I am! The tests have made me stronger and more confident rather than completely robbing me of hope and faith. Hopefully through them I will LEARN less lessons! They are rarely ever pleasant experiences mind you! ~Cam~

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The New World of WordPress!

Well this is really officially my first post in WordPress. I’ve been writing for a long time and it has taken me a long time to make it to WordPress but here I am. It just seemed a little too complicated for me but I think I get the hang of it now, the basics anyway. I am looking forward to using this and gaining the benefits and experiences of ‘blogging’ to teach me more and reach more people with a positive inspirational touch to their days. You can find me on Facebook… Light for Life: The Answer I’ve Found : ….and also on Blogger at Light for Life:

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