“I do want to do that…. But…”
“I do like them… But…”…
“I don’t want to buy that… But…”
“I want them to come over… But…”

For some reason or another sometimes we add a but to our statements and answers… I was telling my friend about something that I wanted… but… So we started thinking about the ‘buts’ that punctuate our conversations.

She used this example: Why invite somebody when you don’t really want them to come…… But, we say to ourselves ‘it’s the right thing to do’, but really it’s for the wrong reasons!! Everything we do has a motive and we need to check that motive where it’s coming from….our heart or our head! We can still feel wrong but if our heart’s motive is right and we know it’s the right thing to do in God‘s eyes then God will change our feelings to line up. This kind of thing happens with weddings, parties, functions, friends and even family!!

I started thinking more about the “but” bit too….. because we ALL do this in our lives…. We all have a “but” bit sometimes and I often wonder why this is….hmmm…. thinking about this more and seeing what God will unveil to me in this area…. I have “buts” too!

Well this is it, the answer, it’s not that I didn’t want this thing to happen at all… this is what it is… I felt hurt in this situation and although I had forgiven I still hurt a little so I have caution and hesitation and so were it not to happen then I wouldn’t have to face the situation.

The ‘but’ bit deserves more thought! So ask yourself about it!

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~Cam and Leanne~

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