Blessed to be a Blessing… A message for Christmas and every other day of the year!

We are blessed to be a blessing – we can be a blessing to so many people… Just think about all the people around us and some are in need that we know of and some are in need that we don’t know of… If you listen to people you can read and hear the signs  and then its simple to follow through from there on in!

I’ve been thinking that really… WE NEED LESS of things and we need to GIVE more of things… love, care, time, wisdom, so much we can give for nothing… and then practically… we can give something little that can make a huge impact.

This Christmas season this is my focus… We don’t have to help every person we come across but usually there are plenty of easy, free, inspiring ways we can… People in financial need – we don’t need to give a lot, we just do what we can… I usually find there are a few people in our own circles that are really in need.

This is something precious that I learnt from my beautiful Mum… She was the most generous lady… If I can even become a LITTLE more like her then  I will be on the right track…

She gave in time, in hospitality, in money, is meals, in a room for the night or even weeks, in helping people – mum and dad were always doing things like helping people shift, take them to doctors appointments, a lift to church, she was always giving groceries to people who needed it, she visited sick people, she spent 1000’s of hours praying for people – and praying for a lot of you too.. in her prayer room at home.

My mum and dad didn’t have lots of money but mum was so frugal that she always had cash and she always gave money to people who were struggling – single mums, older people, young people, anyone she might meet – not too be taken advantage of – I don’t think that happened to them too much really.

It was both my mum and dad too… Mum did drag dad around doing all sorts of good deeds but he loved doing that too…

What great examples… they had their faults for sure but in this… they taught us a great way of life….

This Christmas as a family (my brother and sister and families) are going to put together some money on Christmas day… money that we can use to put towards something beyond ourselves as a family…

I saw a story on it on TV tonight too… It said teach your children to GIVE as well as to receive!!! How profoundly true! Imagine if we all were able to do this.. and again it doesn’t have to be huge.. I am hoping that my family can get a good amount of money to buy something worthwhile like food, water, livestock for people in need… or give to a charity… but I like the idea of buying a gift to give =)

What about going to the shopping centre and going to one of those wishing tree things and buying presents for people in your family for the OTHER people or children that need them – like instead of buying something for my mum who has Alzheimer’s I could buy something for an older lady whose name is on one of those tree thingys!!!!

At risk of sounding like a Grinch do we really need to buy lots of things for ourselves and people who will end up being put away in a cupboard or dare  I say re-gifted!!! I have decided to keep it simple in our gifting this season!

Better late than never that I am jumping on this bandwagon LOL

Woops one paragraph turned into an essay – nothing is new there with me!

Tell me what you think?What are your ideas?How does it work in your family?

Am I finished….. I THINK so????!!!!

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. You have such a giving heart Cam.

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