All of the above! But what will we do

Yes! All of the above… But what will WE DO?

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What really should be done and can be done regarding the very many complex world problems we are having?

Each of us must do something. Whatever we determine, we can do something.

I have spent the morning here reading about so many stories of crisis around the world…. crisis crisis crisis….

If each of us DO what we can DO that will only be a start… the finish…. is not quite so simple….

I read an article which was very wise and balanced and to be wise everything must be taken into consideration.

—->Heart breaking dilemma

We truly need some kind of wisdom here… However we must also have a heart, a very big heart is needed.

And then what….. Where will it all end?

Can we solve these problems?

Is there a solution?

Will world leaders get it together?

I mean really… Ask yourself the questions. 

Is there really any answer, that is sustainable, doable, realistic that you know of?

You have to admit the chances are pretty slim and virtually impossible.

We are heading towards only one answer I know of…. its a pretty huge answer. It always has been the answer.

The only answer there could be is a supernatural one… No I am not referring to aliens!

Again I come back to my starting point… How did we get here? (yes on the planet!)

It takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in creation.

The only solution I know of is one where God promises to give us eternal life.

He has told us that all these things would happen.

They are happening just as He said it would. This is not a surprise to him, nor to me.

Its called consequences of our choices and He foresaw it all and told us what to look for he is not making it all happen.

This is what the world has asked for… a world without God, without prayer, with all new rules that allow for everything! 

It only seems to be making things worse if you ask me!

—-> Come back to the starting point!!

How did we get here? (yes on the planet!) I mean really how?

If your answer is God, even if you dont want to admit it then think more about it.

Ask more questions.
Read more.
Pray and talk to God

If this world is on a one way, collision course with destiny…. then where will your destiny be?


~Cam Richmond~

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