All aboard…



~All aboard~

What ship are you on?  Are you on a party ship? A war ship? A sailing ship? Are you on a speed boat?

Some people are on cruise ships, some are on working ships. some people are on cargo ships. And some people are on hospital ships.

We are all on different ships. We are on these ships for different reasons and seasons. We are all in different weather and are stopping at different ports, and there are different crew and passengers on our ships.

Its not about what ship you would necessarily like to be on, I mean who wouldn’t want to be on a luxury cruise liner? This is about what ship you really are on, metaphorically speaking of course.

It was actually a few months ago that God showed me a picture. He showed me that I’m on a hospital ship. It made sense straight away. He showed me that there are many types of ships we can be on in our lives. I’ll explain what I mean.

I often feel like I am in the casualty room of life. There are wounded and sick coming in and out and they may come in when I am on a shift and so I am assigned to take care of them. This is how I often feel that God uses me with people – not that they are physically sick but in some kind of need maybe, of many different things.

Over the last 7 years that I have been on Facebook I have met some of the most amazing people all around the world, well actually this extends a lot further back than that, in reality it extends to all the people I have met in my life. God has assigned me like a nurse, to take care of some of these people that come into casualty. A great percentage of these people have become very precious ones in my life.

I was thinking about that and how there are different seasons and different reasons for people in our lives and that most of these people have also become a very special part of our family here and also close friends with my husband and sons, and most of them always will be. I develop a bond with these people because they have shared their life with me, and also me with them… it’s priceless.

And then all of a sudden I am on my next shift in casualty and there is someone new coming in for care and treatment. Sometimes I feel bad because I don’t get to talk to everyone as often or as much as I’d like. I was pondering all this as my husband was talking to one of these friends.

I realised that we all have a different mission and purpose and when I realised that this is how it works with me it gave me peace and I understood why my life always seems to follow that pattern.

There are so many people in need all around us and so people will come and go and some will always remain. It’s good to know what your purpose is and how to allow that purpose to be played out in your life.

My life and passion is people…. I love helping people… I don’t just like helping… I love people. I am at my happiest when I am doing that.

So what ship are you on? Why are you on it? What is its purpose for you and for others?

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~


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  1. Some of my friends have commented on this post and said what type of boat they are:

    One said she is a tug boat….
    I told her yes “A cute tug boat… chugging along… Done some heavy work in your life time getting other boats where they are meant to go. Maybe got a little knocked about but you were not scared of dirty work +

    Another friend told me I’m on a sailing ship in the stormy sea at times….
    I told her you are a sailing ship which sometimes gets into story seas…. But Jesus will be in your boat and he will get up like he did with the disciples say ‘Peace be still’ and he calms the storm! That’s beautiful!

    Another friend said she I’m on the journey ship…
    I told her maybe you are on a round the world cruise, going through various destinations and weather conditions.

    One man told me he is on the Starship Enterprise…
    I told him he must be going where no man has gone before!

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